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Eyelid Surgery For Males

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01Eyelid Surgery for Males.

For men, probably the most common purpose for taking the eyelid surgery is to develop a better impression for business wise, society wise, and so on. Since men do not use any type of cosmetics for the eyes, it is important for their eyes to look natural and not as if that patient underwent surgery.

It is crucial for the eyes to open up clearly and fully while also exposing the pupil in a decent amount. The used of the forehead muscles are not needed to be used when opening the eyes. This means that the surgery will certainly create a comfortable and natural appearance because other facial muscles are not used when opening the eyes.

The shape and size of the eyes are an also significant consideration. However, a more important factor to consider is its ability to open and close freely without any discomfort. Since Korean peoples eyes are characterized with a Mongolian fold, the eyeline tends to droop down, making the eye very weak and closed. With the eyelid surgery after careful consultation, men can achieve very light eyelids (ones that look more natural and lighter than ordinary eyelids) with a high amount of satisfaction.

Examples) A man who underwent the non-incisional double eyelid surgery.

Examples) Picture of a male patient who underwent the Magic epicanthoplasty.

This was a male patient who wanted to maintain his eyes. He only underwent the Magic epicanthoplasty.

Before the surgery, the corner of the Mongolian fold was drooped down, making the eyes look inclined and pointy. But through the Magic epicathoplasty, we loosened up his Mongolian fold and changed the starting point of the inner corner of the eyes. We moved up the corners and smoothly connected the line to the end.

Examples) A man after the non-incisional eyelid surgery along with the Magic epicanthoplasty.

Examples) A man after the incisional double eyelid surgery and the Magic epicanthoplasty.

Examples)A man who underwent the eye enlargement surgery and the incisional method eyelid surgery.