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  • If you wish to make a reservation at Teuim Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can make a reservation for your consultation, surgery. You can make a full reservation via this online consultation or email. If you have any difficulty in making online reservation, please contact us via e-mail:paris85@naver.com

thank you dr Kwon and dr. Kim

i had revision eye surgery last month(sep) with Dr. Kwon, he is really the best plastic surgeon. the result is fantastic and I m very happy with the result. it s natural yet beautiful

this was my third revision, the two previous one i had it done in Spore and not satisfied.

dr Kwon is very professional, he is very detail and he really knows how to make the best eyes.

even after operation, he checked few times to make sure the result is good. and now after one month the result is very satisfactory. thank you

Dr Kim also very friendly and give the best result for the fat graff. It look so natural.

thank you.

during operation, i cant feel any pain, i just sleep and dreaming and wake up without feeling nausea, I can say, it s the best anastesy.

Also thank you for the nurse and the pretty ladies on the reception who are so friendly and attentive eventhough cant speak english.