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  • If you wish to make a reservation at Teuim Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can make a reservation for your consultation, surgery. You can make a full reservation via this online consultation or email. If you have any difficulty in making online reservation, please contact us via e-mail:paris85@naver.com

Foreigners seeking cosmetic surgery in Korea!

This clinic is highly recommended by me for anyone seeking cosmetic surgery (espicially foreigners). They really know how to make you feel comfortable.


Dr. Kwon doesn't talk much because he lacks English knowledge but with a translator (Dr. Kim) he understands what you want your eyes to look like! Dr. Kim is quite fluent in English and is very friendly, he really went out of his way to help a bunch of clueless tourists in a country where they didn't speak the language. He helped us find a cheaper and better hotel, closer and more convenient to the clinic and helped us book, recommended where to shop and even food places. The other staff (receptionists and nurses) were very friendly as well and everyone makes you feel like an actual individual and not just some client.


If you're considering surgery, come down to Teuim for a consultation!! It's definiately worth the try and you won't regret. If you do somehow feel uncomfortable or that the doctors don't understand what you want, you are free to go elsewhere. (But I don't think you will!! (: ) Although I'm still quite swollen, the end result looks nice.


It's truely worth the trip (money wise) and I'd come back again for sure! Tip for foreigners : Bring/pay cash!


All the way from Australia,


Jess :p