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  • If you wish to make a reservation at Teuim Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can make a reservation for your consultation, surgery. You can make a full reservation via this online consultation or email. If you have any difficulty in making online reservation, please contact us via e-mail:paris85@naver.com

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7 전 이미지

thank you dr Kwon and dr. Kim

i had revision eye surgery last month(sep) with Dr. Kwon, he is really the best plastic surgeon. the result is fantastic and I m very happy with the result. it s natural yet beaut...
6 전 이미지

Foreigners seeking cosmetic surgery in Korea!

This clinic is highly recommended by me for anyone seeking cosmetic surgery (espicially foreigners). They really know how to make you feel comfortable.   Dr. Kwon doesn't talk...
5 전 이미지


My experience at Teuim Plastic Surgery was great. Coming from Australia, I was worried, however my worries were ...
4 전 이미지

Thank you for epi, double eyelid

Hello,  My sister and I just got surgery from your clinic. We are from *****...
3 전 이미지

Thank you

Dear Dr. Kwon and Teuim Plastic Surgery,Hello,...
2 전 이미지

magic epicanthoplasty 1year

before &...
1 전 이미지

(사진)Thank you! =D

Thank you so much to 트임성형외과 and Dr. Kwon. I did magic epi and non-incisional double eyelid surgery. It's been almost a week a...
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