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1:1 Consultation

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  • 1:1 Consultation

  • If you wish to make a reservation at Teuim Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can make a reservation for your consultation, surgery. You can make a full reservation via this online consultation or email. If you have any difficulty in making online reservation, please contact us via e-mail:paris85@naver.com

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Hotel information near Teuim clinic teuim 15.06.01
[Notice]Teuim Clinic Dr. Kwon was selected as Best hands for reshape.(ELLE Korea) teuim 11.06.28
[Notice]Change of Korea government's tax policy. teuim 11.06.28
[Notice]About fees... teuim 11.03.28
[Notice]Please read this!! teuim 11.03.24
763 Consultation on 24/5 Yen 18.05.22
762 Double Eyelid Surgery in-person consultation scheduling Jenna 18.05.21
761 Ptosis correction + epicanthoplasty Yang You 18.05.19
760 Surgery ally 18.05.07
759 Visit and Surgery for multiple surgeries HC 18.05.04
758 double eyelid surgery shereen 18.04.30
757 Epicanthoplasty Yuan Zhao 18.04.30