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1:1 Consultation

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  • 1:1 Consultation

  • If you wish to make a reservation at Teuim Plastic Surgery Clinic, you can make a reservation for your consultation, surgery. You can make a full reservation via this online consultation or email. If you have any difficulty in making online reservation, please contact us via e-mail:paris85@naver.com

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Hotel information near Teuim clinic teuim 15.06.01
[Notice]Teuim Clinic Dr. Kwon was selected as Best hands for reshape.(ELLE Korea) teuim 11.06.28
[Notice]Change of Korea government's tax policy. teuim 11.06.28
[Notice]About fees... teuim 11.03.28
[Notice]Please read this!! teuim 11.03.24
777 I want to have widen and pretty eues Becky 18.08.20
776 Eyes and Nose Jennifer 18.08.09
775 non-incisional eyelid surgery Si Lin 18.08.01
774 revision epicanthoplasty, lowering canthoplasty, endotine shazza 18.07.21
773 Non incisional double eyelid surgery Hannah Park 18.07.19
772 Revision double eyelid, ptosis, lateral cathoplasty angie 18.07.04
771 binh qwerty11 18.07.03