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Endotine Lift

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01What is the Endotine lifting

The Endotine device is a new technology that uses 5 "tines", instead of sutures, to fix the forehead tissue in its new position. The Endotine device is made of absorbable material found in sutures, and gradually disappears over a few months. The ENDOTINE Forehead is especially designed so that it can lift and maintain skin and soft tissue when performing the Forehead Lifting. The ENDOTINE Forehead fixes the scalp tissue by contacting it with several wedges so that an uniformed lifting effect can be achieved. Endotines can add stability and strength to soft tissue fixation, making the outcome of your lift more stable.

02What are the merits of Endotine endoscopic forehead lifting?

- gives the same results as sutures
- One Endotine can provide the strength of multiple sutures
- fully absorbed within a year and disappear from the face completely.
- no additional procedures for their removal
- minimize the damage of the important tissues such as nerves and vessels by using the endoscopy

03Who is appropriate for Endotine endoscopic forehead lifting?

- The one who wish to improve wrinkles on the forehead, midface, lower face
- The one who experienced no effects from ordinary thread lifting procedures
- The one who wish to have permanent results without heavy surgery
- The one who scare the rhytidectomy surgery

04Surgery information

Duration : 1~2 hours
Anesthesia : Local anesthesia with sedation
Hospitalization : None
Down time : 2~3 days after the surgery
Stitch removal : 1~2 weeks after the surgery
Clinic visit : 2~3 times