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Accusculpt Lifting

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01What is the Accusculpt ?

The AccuSculpt™ Plastic Surgery is a new concept laser cosmetic surgery, With the use of this, we can make your facial contour slimmer while removing the wrinkles without leaving any marks. Light radiation from the AccuSculpt Laser can address the problem of the facial contour and wrinkled area. Using a wavelength of 1,444nm, Accusculpt dissolves fat tissue stored in the face for a slimmer facial line and stimulates collagen production for a tightening anti aging effect.

02What are the merits of Accusculpt?

- Comfortable and short surgery period, and quick return to daily routine
- Tightening effect
- Smooth V-line without bony surgery
- Slimmer face through fat removal

03Which region is suitable for Accusculpt?

-Infra orbital fat
- Nasolabial crease (smile line)
- Jaw line
- Submentum (Double chin)
- Malar fat pad (Bulging cheek)
- Jowl
- Chin

04Surgery information

Duration : 30 ~ 60 minutes
Anesthesia : Local anesthesia
Hospitalization : None
Down time : immediate return to normal activity
Stitch removal : None
Clinic visit : 2~3 times